A Celebration of Primary Care – Honouring Retiring GP Staff Awards 2019

RCGP, September 19th 2019

NHS staff from across north central and east London recently came together at an awards ceremony to honour retired and retiring general practice staff who through their continued commitment, have played a vital role in our NHS.

In its second year, the event which was hosted by the Royal College of General Practitioners represents a collaboration between North London Partners in Health and Care and the East London Health and Care Partnership. Open to staff in general practice who have retired or are planning to retire, nominations were received for health visitors, receptionists, GPs, practice nurses, managers, cleaners, volunteers, community teams and many more.

The evening was a compassionate and moving celebration of staff with profound gratitude expressed by leaders from across the NHS. Celebrations continued with music from the National Health Singers, a choir made up of NHS staff, patients and supporters.

A special presentation was also made to celebrate the career of Dr Dineshwar Prasad, a Haringey GP, who sadly passed away in June. The award was collected by Dr Prasad’s wife, daughters and granddaughters. Dr Prasad worked as a GP in Northern Wood Green for over 40 years and was deeply loved by his community and widely respected by his peers.

Additional images from the event are available to view here.

Dr Josephine Sauvage, Chair of Islington Clinical Commissioning Group and Clinical Lead for North London Partners said:

“General practice is a very rewarding career. But caring for others, at the ‘frontline’ of care, can be challenging, and we want to acknowledge the vital work of those who work in GP practices.

We want to say thank you for their commitment and work to support their local communities by working in general practice.”

Soni Prasad, Practice Manager, Haringey said:

“A very well organised and enjoyable event which highlighted the dedication and commitment senior NHS colleagues have provided to their communities.

This event should be made aware to all practices to appreciate and thank members of the primary care team who have dedicated many years towards improving and continuing the quality of patient care. It is these significant members of the team that encourage patients to gain confidence, understanding and ultimately improve their quality of life.

As the team members leave, due to retirement or ill health, their hard work and commitment should be recognised and thanked in such a special, prestigious event.

Dr Gill Parsons, GP, Barnet said:

“It was humbling to be recognised for contributing to the NHS, alongside fellow GPs, nurses, healthcare workers, practice managers and administrative staff many of whom had devoted 30-40 years of service to their practices.

The celebration captured the essence of what it has been like to be part of the NHS family, having a shared purpose of delivering excellence in healthcare for our patients and also supporting one another along the way, to be there when times were tough. Because of this family each person honoured was able to have such a lengthy career and family is certainly something that deserves celebrating.”

Barnet award winners include Kate Regan, Dr Yvette Saldanha, Dr Gillian Parson,  Dr Simon Figa and Nurse Christine Greene.


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