Barnet Training Hub presents Facing Frailty – an educational programme for healthcare professionals working with the Frail Elderly

We hope you well.

Barnet Training Hub is excited to announce the start of a series of education events designed to support colleagues working with the frail elderly, in particular those in care or nursing homes.   We cordially invite you and your colleagues to the sessions.

We will be running 13 virtual one hour training events covering a wide range of topics relevant to this area with input from local Geriatricians, North London Hospice and Barnet Local Authority.

The events will be interactive, highly practical and relevant to all medical, nursing and allied health professionals who are interested in this field or are keen to improve their skills.

First meeting is 10th November on Polypharmacy led by Dr Clifford Lisk, Consultant Geriatrician. No need to book. Please use this link to join.


All on at 1400-1500

10th November – Polypharmacy – Dr Lisk, Saijal Ladd, Cynthia Agbenyegah

24th November – Frailty – Dr Bertfield

8th December – Urinary incontinence – Dr Gluck

15th December – Mental health issues in elderly – Dr Gould

5th January – Bone Health – TBC

12th January – Mental Health issues in elderly (topic title TBC) – Dr Gould

26th January – Managing last days/weeks of life – North London Hospice

9th February – Mental Capacity – Barnet Local Authority

23rd February – Oral health – Dr Patel

2nd March – Weight loss + Nutrition TBC

23rd March – Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment – Dr Romain

6th April – Falls – Dr Harbinson TBC

20th April – Case based discussions, drawing together learning from previous sessions

Please share with your colleagues to attend.

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