Free Wellbeing – It takes a Village


Free Wellbeing – It takes a Village

“Our mission is simple. Support people working on the frontline within the NHS to improve morale, wellbeing, & productivity during this time of great uncertainty & rapid change.”


With energy levels running low and anxiety levels soring, during these times of uncertainty and great change, Tiffany Grant from NHS North East London Commissioning Alliance is doing everything she can to help support the individuals on the ground fighting for all of us.

Using her extensive network Tiffany has curated free wellbeing sessions for NHS staff, with 26 companies currently signed up, including More Yoga, Milk For Tea and many more, to provide free sessions (and other free goodies) for staff. The sessions will be held remotely and will run throughout the day. Each session will last approx. 20 minutes, for 10-20 people attending remotely and is all free.

The sessions will consist of a combination of practical and fun ideas, e.g. painting classes, concerts, yoga, pet care at home, dance parties, fitness, cooking, talking therapy and managing work/life balance.

Tiffany is in the process of building the booking process but in the meantime please visit the newly launched ‘Village Approach‘ website at

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