HEE has funding available for another Cross Sector Apprentice Pharmacy Technician programme 2022-2024

HEE announced just recently that they have funding for the cross sector PTPT programme.  BTH are happy to support Barnet in a group bid (which tends to be more successful) but you are welcome to do individual bids as well.


Barnet Primary Care with the support of the Training hub successfully won a bid for 6 trainees who have been in post since Feb/March 2021 for a 24 month training programme across Barnet Primary Care.  Please see the document attached for more info on the basics and costs.

If you would like more information please contact Femeeda Padhani – BTH Pharmacy Lead – femeeda.padhani@nhs.net

Expression of interest should be returned by 18th August 2021 – barnet.cepnadmin@nhs.net

It is a real opportunity to build your Pharmacy Workforce within your practice and PCN and develop your relationship and working practice between your community pharmacy as well.





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