Pan Barnet Shared Learning Events

Shared Learning:- Integrated Care Partnerships with ICP lead Dr Charlotte Benjamin and Q&A support with Anuj Patel, Dr Alexis Ingram and Dr Oge Illozue on Wednesday 6th October 2021 

We are very happy to be joined by the ICP team to discuss the very topical and important issue of ICP development. We will be thinking about what they are and what the term actually means, how ICPs might work in the future and the priority areas for Barnet. This should hopefully be a topic relevant for all of us, and will be presented by a panel of ICP leads, including Dr Charlotte Benjamin, Vice Chair of NCL CCG.

We are also pleased to be joined by Dr Lauren Farber and Dr Sarah Fowler, Consultant Physicians at Barnet Hospital, to update us on the new Adult Assessment Unit (AAU) in Barnet. They will advise us about the new set up on AAU and the ongoing changes occurring and will be ready to take your questions.

We will be joined by Suresh Samuel from the First Contact Practitioner (FCP) team, who will be giving us the latest on the service they provide.

Shared Learning:- Fertility NCL Policy update with Martin Emery and Cinical Q&As answered by Dr Pratik Shah  Wednesday 8th September 2021

We are very happy to be joined by Dr Pratik Shah, our local consultant gynaecologist from Barnet Hospital, who will talk us through the clinical aspects of fertility and when to refer, and from Martin Emery, Senior Engagement Manager CCG, to discuss the new fertility policy being rolled out across NCL, in order to ensure we are all clear on suitable patients for referral and investigations required.

We will be joined by Dr Jo Brady from the North London Hospice palliative care team for a brief discussion on multidisciplinary end of life meetings, why they are important and what we can offer to support them happening. Dr Brady will also ask for feedback about what is needed to support practices.

Caitlin Bays from our local social prescribing team will also be joining us and will update regarding the service and support they can provide our patients.

We will also be having our usual Federation and  CCG updates

Shared Learning:- Paediatrics – Rashes and Limps  Wednesday 4th August 2021

We are very happy to be joined by Dr Su Laurent, Director of Medical Education, Retired Paediatric Consultant from Barnet Hospital and Medical Director of Noah’s Ark Hospice.

We note that quite a few of our attendees have requested child health topics when we asked for feedback, and we hope this will be an informative, interesting and interactive paediatric update.

We will change the format slightly this time – Dr Laurent will be starting us off with a quiz on rashes and a few slides on the limping child, and then will open the session up to the audience for the rest of the time for a ‘free for all’ Q&A session.

We will also be having our usual Federation, CCG, Training Hub and Medicines Management updates

*** 09/08/2021 Medicines management updated their medicines information provided in the talk – Forxiga 10 mg film-coated tablets – Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) – (emc) ( – Dapagliflozin is now licensed for CKD!!!***


Shared Learning:Pre Diabetes & Fertility  Wednesday 7th July 2021

We are very happy to be joined by colleagues from Barnet Public Health and Xyla Health & Wellbeing (provider of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme) will talk about the latest in Pre-diabetes, the impact the pandemic has had on service delivery and subsequent referrals and uptake of the NHS diabetes prevention programme in Barnet over the past year. The team will lead a discussion on ways we can identify more patients with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia and support them to access programmes to reduce their chances of going on to developing Type 2 diabetes. Arshna Sanghrajka, clinical pharmacist, will talk us through some clinical cases and the practicalities around managing Prediabetes.

We will be hearing from Sarah Perrett, Senior Engagement Management from the CCG, for a brief update on the new Fertility NCL policy and he will be asking for your feedback (please see slides attached for your reference).

Thank you to those who filled out our form asking for suggestions for future meetings. There were a few requests for an update on the new NCL pathway website. We are therefore very pleased to be joined by Dr Kiran Nakrani, Barnet GP and NCL Website and Clinical Digital Transformation Lead who will give us a website update.

Shared Learning:Management of Falls; An update on the Rapid Response Team & Noah’s Ark Hospice Update Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Today we will be continuing our theme of care of the elderly from last month, and responding to the feedback from last month’s poll where a few of you requested geriatric related topics. We will focus on the clinical topic of Falls, and then receive an update on the Rapid Response service from the Federation. We are very pleased to be joined by Dr Dean Noimark, Elderly Care Consultant from the Royal Free Hospital who will be leading discussions on the very relevant topic of Falls in the elderly.

We are happy to be joined by Dr Leena Mistry, Medical Director of Barnet Federated GPs and Abioye Bolashodun, Integrated Nurse Team Lead from the Rapid Response team, who will talk us through a service update, remind us of their referral criteria and discuss the positive impact of having direct GP input. They will then talk us through a clinical study.

We’re also delighted to be joined by Dr Su Laurent, Medical Director and retired paediatrician and Lindsay Davidson, Director of Finance and Commissioning from the Noah’s Ark Children’s hospice, who will give us a brief overview of the service and follow this up with a full paediatric session in August.

 As we all know, it is important to look after ourselves during these busy times, this is a link regarding the Wellbeing Hub and some mental health and wellbeing resources for HCPs and staff.

Wellbeing Hub card    –


Shared Learning:- Update from the Care Home Team: Ward Rounds and MDTs  Wednesday 5th May 2021

We are very pleased to be joined by Dr David Levy, Elderly Care Consultant  from Barnet Hospital and Louise Gacquin, Clinical Lead for the Care Home Team, who will be leading discussions on care home ward rounds and providing an update on the MDTs currently taking place across the PCNs. We will then discuss interesting clinical cases from our local care homes, led by Dr Levy. Also joining us is Kim Gutierrez, Community Matron from the team who will talk us through their role in care home ward rounds. This is all in keeping with the recent Nursing and Residential Home LCS 3-month extension.

We will receive our usual CCG, Federation and Training Hub updates. These will include an update from Dr Leatrice Withers, Medical Education Fellow, regarding opportunities for medical student teaching in Barnet.


Shared Learning:- Update on the new NCL guidelines for non-MSK Ultrasounds with Dr Ash Saini and Dr Folusha Oluwajana,  Wednesday 7th April 2021

We are very pleased to be joined by Dr Ash Saini, Consultant Radiologist (Royal Free Hospital) and Dr Folusha Oluwajana, (Islington GP and Clinical Lead), who will be talking us through the new ultrasound guidelines (non-musculoskeletal) being launched across NCL via the British Medical Ultrasound Society.  We will be going through some cases and looking at examples of ultrasound requests.

NHS England are promoting the use of these guidelines Pan-London and they anticipate a 10% monthly reduction in unwarranted referrals in NCL trusts. The aim is that these guidelines will help to address unwarranted variation in imaging requests across the system, supporting system recovery.

GP Clinical Leads have been engaged to ensure the guidelines are aligned with clinical care pathways across key specialties and the Clinical Working Group have tailored the guidelines for North Central London.

We will also be receiving an update from Suzanne Lever, Pharmaceutical Advisor from Medicines Management on topics such as the new NCL prescribing recommendations and information around quetiapine, emollient and hay fever prescribing. We will receive our usual CCG, Federation and Training Hub updates.

Shared Learning:- Barnet Integrated Clinical Service (BICS) and clinical cases from the mental health team – Dr Sarah Leighter, the BICS clinical manager and her assistant psychologist Ama Hagan.  

The aim of the meeting is to hear about what BICS can offer our young patients with mild to moderate mental health disease, in particular supporting children, young people and families throughout Barnet. BICS review patients in the school, social care and youth offending settings and will talk us through some cases seen over the past year; we are very happy to welcome Dr Sarah Leighter, the BICS clinical manager and her assistant psychologist Ama Hagan.

We will also be receiving an update from Dr Justin Peter, GP and Chair of Barndoc ​and Simon Douglass, MD and CEO designate of LCW, regarding changes to the service, following the GP Bulletin news last week.

We will then have an update from Dr Louise Miller on the latest with Consultant Connect, including the mental health service, it will now offer. We will receive our usual CCG, Federation and Training Hub updates.


Shared Learning:- Primary Care Update on Covid Management with Dr Sarah Humphrey, Dr Simon Brill & Dr Katie Coleman – 3rd February 2021

The aim of the meeting is to discuss Covid Oximetry at Home, give an overview of Covid virtual ward rounds at the Royal Free and Whittington, and consider the emergency services available. Please note, the first part of the event will be an NCL-wide webinar, and we will be hearing about services across the borough.

We delighted to be joined by Dr Katie Coleman GP & Clinical Lead Primary Care Development, NCL CCG, Dr Sarah Humphrey Medical Director Integrated Care, Whittington Health NHS and Dr Simon Brill, respiratory consultant at Barnet and Royal Free.

We will end the meeting this time with our usual Barnet-based updates, including from the CCG, Federation and Medicines Management, rather than having our updates at the beginning. We aim to leave plenty of time as always for Q&As.


Shared Learning: End of Life care and Coordinate my Care (CMC) with Dr Sarah Shelley & Theresa Mann – 6th January 2021

We are excited to welcome you back on Wednesday 6th January 2021 at 13.00-14.15 to our next Pan Barnet meeting on End-of-Life care and Coordinate my Care (CMC).

The aim of the meeting is to think about how we improve end of life care in our daily practice and identify patients early, how to start advanced care planning (ACP) discussions and what makes an effective CMC plan.

We delighted to be joined by Dr Sarah Shelley, Macmillan End of Life Care Lead in NCL, and Theresa Mann, nurse consultant at the North London Hospice, who will be opening the session in the large group as per our usual Pan Barnet meeting format – See the slides from the presentation in the resources section of the website.

Shared Learning: COPD: Update on Guidelines and the Community Service  – 2nd December 2020

We will be discussing principles of COPD management, discussing cases and considering what the CLCH community service can offer our patients.

We are very pleased to be joined by Dr Amina Jaffar, the consultant lead for the Barnet COPD team, who will lead discussions, and Kola Akinlabi, lead respiratory physiotherapist.

Barnet GP COPD Talk (1)


Shared Learning:  Musculoskeletal Medicine – 4 November 2020

With talks from Christine Bilsborough, consultant physiotherapist and Kay Nadesan, advanced physiotherapy practitioner, CLCH.   Also a talk from Lisa Sturrock about Change, Grow Live services in Barnet.

The Knee CB

4th Nov CLCH MSK Services Barnet GP sessions – Shoulder Kay Nadesan

4th Nov Change Grow Live


Infection Prevention and Control in the Second Wave of Covid: How we prepare ourselves and our staff (08/10/2020)

7 Oct Barnet borough Medcines Optimisation Update Oct 2020

7 October COVID 19 training webinar slides for General Practice Trial 6 Barnet (1)


Early Cancer Diagnosis PCN Directed Enhanced Service (DES) and QOF Quality Improvement  (23 /09/2020)

Zareena Cuddis Presentation – FINAL

Slides for Ed Seward

DESQOF delivery – Alexis and Swati – FINAL

DESQOF in Barnet Event 23 Sep 20- AGENDA FINAL


Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Mental Health (02/09/2020)

1. Federation Update 20200901

2. Pharmacy Technicians 2020

3. Barnet borough Medicines Optimisation Update Sept 2020

4. Pan Barnet Event – MH slides 02.09.20

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Cardiology (19/08/2020)

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – ENT (05/08/2020)

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Telehealth in gynaecology (22/07/2020)

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Remote Consulting (08/07/2020)
ADV218-u-1510 Telephone Triage
ADV218-q-1503 Telephone communication skills

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – The Paediatric Experience (24/06/2020)

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – learning from the hot clinic and OOH