Pan Barnet Shared Learning Events

Shared Learning: End of Life care and Coordinate my Care (CMC) with Dr Sarah Shelley & Theresa Mann – 6th January 2021

We are excited to welcome you back on Wednesday 6th January 2021 at 13.00-14.15 to our next Pan Barnet meeting on End-of-Life care and Coordinate my Care (CMC).

The aim of the meeting is to think about how we improve end of life care in our daily practice and identify patients early, how to start advanced care planning (ACP) discussions and what makes an effective CMC plan.

We delighted to be joined by Dr Sarah Shelley, Macmillan End of Life Care Lead in NCL, and Theresa Mann, nurse consultant at the North London Hospice, who will be opening the session in the large group as per our usual Pan Barnet meeting format – See the slides from the presentation in the resources section of the website.

Shared Learning: COPD: Update on Guidelines and the Community Service  – 2nd December 2020

We will be discussing principles of COPD management, discussing cases and considering what the CLCH community service can offer our patients.

We are very pleased to be joined by Dr Amina Jaffar, the consultant lead for the Barnet COPD team, who will lead discussions, and Kola Akinlabi, lead respiratory physiotherapist.

Barnet GP COPD Talk (1)


Shared Learning:  Musculoskeletal Medicine – 4 November 2020

With talks from Christine Bilsborough, consultant physiotherapist and Kay Nadesan, advanced physiotherapy practitioner, CLCH.   Also a talk from Lisa Sturrock about Change, Grow Live services in Barnet.

The Knee CB

4th Nov CLCH MSK Services Barnet GP sessions – Shoulder Kay Nadesan

4th Nov Change Grow Live


Infection Prevention and Control in the Second Wave of Covid: How we prepare ourselves and our staff (08/10/2020)

7 Oct Barnet borough Medcines Optimisation Update Oct 2020

7 October COVID 19 training webinar slides for General Practice Trial 6 Barnet (1)


Early Cancer Diagnosis PCN Directed Enhanced Service (DES) and QOF Quality Improvement  (23 /09/2020)

Zareena Cuddis Presentation – FINAL

Slides for Ed Seward

DESQOF delivery – Alexis and Swati – FINAL

DESQOF in Barnet Event 23 Sep 20- AGENDA FINAL


Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Mental Health (02/09/2020)

1. Federation Update 20200901

2. Pharmacy Technicians 2020

3. Barnet borough Medicines Optimisation Update Sept 2020

4. Pan Barnet Event – MH slides 02.09.20

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Cardiology (19/08/2020)

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – ENT (05/08/2020)

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Telehealth in gynaecology (22/07/2020)

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Remote Consulting (08/07/2020)
ADV218-u-1510 Telephone Triage
ADV218-q-1503 Telephone communication skills

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – The Paediatric Experience (24/06/2020)

Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – learning from the hot clinic and OOH