Multi Collaborative Learning Groups (MCLGs) were developed in 2014 with the aim of bringing together professionals working across health and social care organisations to provide a collaborative approach to training, improving integration of service and the quality and care and patient experience.

There are nine MCLG, which bring together practices local to each other, with patients who have similar needs. Local community services such as pharmacy and district nurses are also invited to join in with their local MCLGs.

The abiding principle behind the Barnet MCLG programme and the over-riding ethos of the planning team has been to keep patients at the central focus of all sessions while also being mindful of the importance of caring for and promoting the wellbeing of the workforce who are striving for excellence in a resource poor environment.

MCLGs are now well-established learning groups whose members are mutually supportive. The groups each meet monthly and the programme has included palliative care, childhood asthma, mental health paediatric accident and emergency attendance, chronic diseases, referral management service (RMS) gynaecology pathways and research opportunities in general practice. Underlying all planning and delivery of sessions, patients have been the core concern along with an awareness that care for the workforce is essential for effective patient centred care.

In order to deliver a multidisciplinary MCLG programme it was felt that MCLGs needed facilitators who were trained in the special skills required to facilitate multiprofessional small groups. Therefore, the facilitator development programme was extended to help current facilitators improve their skills in this area and to train new facilitators from different disciplines and thus increase the pool of facilitators.

At the HENCEL Quality Awards in 2015 Barnet CEPN won two categories for their MCLG work:

Collaboration and partnership education – “Collaborative Learning Groups”

Excellence in inter-professional education and training – “CEPN Faculty of Facilitators”