Nursing leadership opportunity – NCL – Hypertension implementation Group

Hypertension: Virtual Group Consultations and Remote Monitoring – Nursing leadership opportunity

We are looking for a nurse to join an NCL implementation group for a project with NHS E funding to look at those with diabetes, CHD, CKD and BP>150/90 to look at helping them to monitor BP, be aware of lifestyle management etc. -delivered mainly by nurses and are keen to involve social prescribers and expert patients in the project which also looks at using remote virtual groups( although can by 1;1 if eg patient doesn’t have computer etc.) .

NCL is looking for an additional nurse/pharmacist  to sit on the implementation group which would involve joining a series of Teams meetings to help with the implementation planning and then helping to champion this across your nursing peer group and pharmacy teams. To register your interest Contact:

Sarah Morgan, Sarah or CHENNUBOTLA, Neha

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