Nursing Newsletter 11 November 2020

It is really exciting to hear about the COVID-19 Vaccination and that is has  90% efficacy.There is a whole lot of work going on behind the scenes to get all the logistics in place and key people from CCG, and PCN are involved in the planning process.  Any confirmed “roll out” programme will be communicated to all practices in due course.  If you have any questions or concerns do please speak to your practice colleagues and/or PCN leads.  I

It is great to see that the whatsapp group has been utilised to provide support to each other.  At the heart of Encouragement is COURAGE!

I wish colleagues who are celebrating Diwali this week a Joyous Diwali and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.  The COVID-19 vaccine and the dedication of the scientific community and all the volunteers who took part in the trials in good faith is the “Victory of Good over Evil” – the essence of the story of Diwali.

Here is this week’s Edition


Update on the supply of inactivated flu vaccine ordering for children in clinical risk groups

1)    ’Update on the supply of inactivated flu vaccine ordering for children in clinical risk groups for whom LAIV is unsuitable, and for children whose parents refuse LAIV due to the porcine gelatine content from MID-NOVEMBER 

Around mid-November, PHE supply of inactivated flu vaccine will switch to Fluarix® Tetra, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, for all eligible children aged less than 9 years who are contraindicated for, or too young to receive Fluenz® Tetra AND are in a clinical risk group.

Vaccine arrangements for children in clinical risk groups aged 9 years and over, for whom Fluenz® Tetra is unsuitable will remain as follows:

•   Those vaccinated in general practice should be offered locally procured QIVc where available. Where QIVc is unavailable, GPs can offer QIVe, either from locally procured stock or centrally supplied stock available via ImmForm.

•    School aged providers can continue to offer centrally supplied QIVe.

As set out in the flu letter published on 5 August, this year an offer of inactivated vaccine is also being made to children whose parents refuse LAIV due to the porcine gelatine content, subject to vaccine availability. Once available from around mid-November, Fluarix® Tetra, can also be ordered from ImmForm for this purpose.

As always, the latest information on the availability of vaccines for the children’s flu programme is available on the ImmForm news page, so please check regularly for updates.

2)      The British Fatwa Council / Karimia Institute has issued a fatwa permitting LAIV for Muslims:

Please contact the team directly at if you have any queries.

Updates to the HealtheIntent flu vaccination dashboard

The HealtheIntent flu vaccination dashboard has been updated to include a new Data Quality (DQ) feature. This tool flags potential incorrect coding, with the aim of improving the accuracy of flu vaccination uptake data. This will be achieved by identifying patients with a flu vaccination code outside of the NHS business rules, or with potential incorrect pregnancy coding. Practices will be able to extract a patient list. Instructions on how to download the list into Excel or CSV format are included on the dashboard. The use of this tool should help practices improve the data quality of flu vaccination coding and support with coding according to the most recent NHS business rules. The DQ tool can be found by selecting one of the tabs at the top or clicking on the magnifying-glass icon. Flu immunisation data from Royal Free, Whittington, CLCH and SONAR is currently being processed. This will be available in the dashboard within the next week. The user guides and FAQ are available for you to see. For any queries, please email

 The NHS app in NCL

NCL has been given beacon site status by NHSX and NHS Digital because of our work with the NHS App. This means that NCL will receive extra support from NHS Digital to promote it to patients as a digital front door to NHS services. Please let your patients know that they can download the NHS App directly from the App Store, Google Play or via the NHS App website. NHS Digital has also produced a toolkit to support GPs and other surgery staff in communicating the benefits of the NHS App to their patients. This includes template text for text messages and social media, films for waiting room screens, posters and more. Find it online here. To help get you started, we have included some text you can use as a standard email footer for your personal and generic surgery emails. GPs and surgery staff can also join their webinars, happening at 1pm on Wednesday 18 November and 10am on Friday 20 November 2020. Joining information will be sent out shortly. If you have any queries about the NHS App or NCL’s beacon site status, please contact or

 Supporting LTC self mx via group video consultations

NCL CCG has launched a new project to support GP practices to increase patient self-management through virtual group consultations and remote BP monitoring for patients with high blood pressure.    

By signing up to be part of this project, practices will:

  • Attend free training on how to run virtual group consultations to help this patient group learn to better self-manage their own health
  • Receive a supply of remote BP monitors to loan to patients who are unable to purchase their own (funded by NHS England)
  • Better draw on roles such as social prescribing link workers and peer coaches to support this patient cohort

For further information or to register your interest in taking part please email:

 NMC Revalidation Missed deadline – a real story

On Sunday the 1st of November I was having a conversation with Amita about work roles and she mentioned something about the NMC. This alerted me to an incident that had happened 2 weeks before when my husband mentioned there had been a credit from the NMC for over £100 pounds on our credit card. I though it strange and was going to call them but had forgotten.

On Monday the 2nd November I called the NMC and said I had been credited some money and was there a problem. Their reply was yes, you have been removed from the register for failing to respond to notifications that my revalidation was due in May, and they had extended it to July due to I presume Covid.

I checked my mails whilst on the phone and could find nothing in my current or Junk box from them. When they read back the email it occurred to me it was an old email I actually had no longer access to over 4 years ago as they had been mailing reminders to me as well.

I informed work immediately and was given the duties appropriate to a health care assistant and was informed originally it would take 2-6 weeks by the NMC to go back on the register, but was shocked to hear when I called back it could take up to 3 months, which left me thinking what on earth had I done, or rather not done. There had been a risk to the public, as I had been working unlawfully, humiliation having to tell work , and even the risk they might have not had enough work for 3 months had it gone that far.

Thankfully and very luckily, I was re-entered back on the NMC register and have my licence back within 5 days.

PLEASE ensure you are checking your details on the website and have reminders on your phone to avoid this situation. Having called the RCN they have heard this story so many times. The NMC will not do your work for you, it is up to you.

Thank you Rachael for sharing your experience to alert others to the importance of ensuring that NMC fees are paid on time and revalidation is also done in a timely fashion.

 Free Primary care webinar series hosted by NCL Cancer Alliance & NCL STP

The North Central London Cancer Alliance in partnership with the North Central STP is hosting a series of webinars to support primary care with updates on national cancer guidance and local pathway changes. This is a great opportunity to meet their secondary care colleagues and address any questions. The first two webinars in their series are below:

Links to Training Hub Job Adverts November  2020

Anyone interested in any of these roles, please do contact me and I can help with any queries you may have.

Final Locality Clinical Supervisors Train the Trainer Course – HEE Funded one day course.

A one last GPN Clinical Supervisors Train the Trainer Course session has been set up for colleagues from STP areas that have been unable to join previous sessions.

This course has been set up and on Eventbrite for booking now, please register attendees’ details here: The session will be held on the 4th December between 1000-1600.  These places get booked up very quickly so please register ASAP.

 Londonwide_GPN_Leads] Seeking participants for our winter campaign

This winter LMC want to create a video campaign that reminds the public to make appropriate use of the primary care services available to them, and to encourage those who are eligible for the NHS flu jab to not miss out on their vaccinations. We will be reiterating our previous campaign’s key message that general practice is still open, while highlighting ways to safe during the winter period, as well as informing viewers how to tell the difference between flu, cold and covid-19 symptoms in children.

We are looking for 10 people ranging from GPs to HCSWs to share 3-4 sentences provided by the Londonwide LMCs communications team. Contributions will be filmed via Zoom and edited together to be shared across our various social media platforms.

We are planning to film the recordings between now and 11 December. Please let us know if you would like to know more.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Ayo Kila Email:

 Have a safe rest of the week.  Best wishes

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