Nursing newsletter 19th November 2021

Dear All

Hope all is well with you.  You will have heard on national news that the Home Secretary has sadly announced that the current National Threat Level has been raised from substantial (meaning an attack is ‘likely’) to severe (meaning an attack is ‘highly likely’). This change has happened in light of the incident in Liverpool on Sunday.  The police have confirmed that “the change in threat level is a precautionary measure and not based on any specific threat. Whilst we want the public to remain alert, they should not be alarmed by this change.”

Please make sure that all staff in your practices are aware of this change in threat level, and that we all remain alert and vigilant when out and about and during our day to day work dealing with the public.

Here is this week’s Edition

 The Green Impact for Health Toolkit

In collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the Green Impact for Health toolkit offers practical guides and audits for your practice, plus there’s a chance to win awards. The website can be a bit overwhelming so team up with administrators or just browse for ideas. Audits have shown practices save on average £1000 per year when implementing the toolkit.

Successful initiatives from the toolkit have included small switches like using recycled paper and fair trade tea all the way up to installing solar panels or switching to a renewable energy provider, as well as looking clinically at optimising social prescribing and reducing overprescribing. Dr Felicity McEwan has created a series of posters for River Place Group Practice in Islington to give you some inspiration.  Find more information and ideas HERE

Personalised Care Clinical Champions

NCL CCG is looking for five Personalised Care Clinical Champions. Candidates must be healthcare professionals who can set up a Community of Practice and who ideally are working in or have an interest working within one of a list of areas/roles. Read more HERE

Using FIT to improve patient outcomes

Join the NCL Cancer Alliance’s lunchtime webinar at 1pm on Tuesday 30 November for a discussion on using the FIT test to improve patient outcomes on the LGI pathway. LINK

Pan Barnet Event – Menopause Update  – 1st Dec 1-2pm

Why Menopause is an online learning opportunity to ask your questions on any menopause-related cases or issues. The webinar will take place at 1pm on Wednesday 1 December. See the BTH events page for more information

 NMC Supervisor and Assessor workshop 7 December

Nurses who have expressed an interest should have received the information for on line pre workshop learning and details to join on the day.  If you have not received this information PLEASE email

 Developing nurse leaders through video group clinics

Tuesday 23 November  12:30 – 13:45 

You can register for the event here.

The webinar is based on the work done as part of the GPN Ten Point Plan on Group Clinics, and  this may be something you want to introduce to your practices especially given the issue with access.  If you have any questions please  email to connect you with the organiser.

Articles of Interest

Hidden Pandemic of Antibiotic Resistant infections – READ HERE

Make up your own mind READ HERE

Have a restful weekend

Best wishes


Amita Shah

Nurse Development Lead

Email:  Phone: 0203 688 1805

For information on local educational opportunities please visit:



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