Nursing Newsletter – 24 July 2020

Dear All

Yet another week has simply “flown” by.  We have seen some more changes in the easing of “lockdown” and with this comes a deluge of guidance from NHSE/I and Public Health.  I attach the latest shielding guidance.

Jacqui and I are part of the Barnet ‘Flu steering group. We will keep you posted  and share the local  plan with you.  In the meantime, do please get involved in conversations and share your ideas in your own PCNs as to the delivery of ‘flu clinics “at scale”.

As you are already aware from our forum meeting last week, HPV self-testing is starting in August and there should be more information available in the next week or so.


YouScreen summary for GP practices – Message from Clare Stephens
Over the last year I have been working with Alexandra Lawrence from Barts and The London to implement the You Screen trial in 5 Of the boroughs including Barnet across NCL and NEL which have been most challenged by poor cervical screening uptake. The project hinges around HPV self-testing for women in these boroughs and is an important innovation for cervical screening which we hope will positively impact our screening figures. Please do register, we really need your support and of course it’s so important to be able to encourage women who are reticent about ordinary screening to try Home self-testing instead.

Updated PGD for Hib Men C

NHS England and NHS Improvement London Region has published an updated PGD on its website. The updated PGD is:

  • NHSE&I PHE Hib Men C PGD v04.00

Practices should ensure that any registered healthcare professional who is due to administer vaccinations under this PGD should be made aware of this updated version. Please note that the Practitioner Authorisation Sheet has certain fields like name, designation, date and organisation name that can be edited electronically before printing. If you have any queries, please contact the London Immunisations team via

NCL CARE programme and the Future of General Practice Nursing

Thank you to those who have signed up with the Shiny Mind app and being part of a co-design process. As a nurse working in NCL we need your feedback on the development of the CARE programme of support for General Practice Nursing.

The Shiny Mind app is a tool to help us connect GPNs with each other and the wider workforce. We hope to use this tool in the development of nursing ‘communities of practice’ as well as to strengthen their leadership but it is just one part of a wider programme of support. It would be invaluable your thoughts about your key priorities for practice nursing and their role in Primary Care Networks.  Please email your feedback to .


Frailty webinars

You may be interested in a new series of webinars that we have developed looking at Covid and Frailty.   These 4 webinars will be delivered over the next 2 weeks and will follow Mr B’s COVID-19 Frailty Journey, from his presentation in the Emergency department through to end of life care.  Each webinar is 30 minutes long and can be viewed in isolation or as part of the series. They are suitable for clinicians caring for patients with frailty.

Please click on the links below to register for each session separately:

  1. Mr B’s Frailty Journey part 1 of 4 – Introduction, 22ndJuly at 13:00 (This webinar will be presented by Dr Debbie Bertfield and Dr Shama Mani)  In this webinar, we introduce Mr B and discuss the clinical presentation of COVID-19 in frail older patients

Registration link:

  1. Mr B’s Frailty Journey part 2 of 4 – Treatment escalation, 24thJuly at 13:00 (This webinar will be presented by Dr Jo Brady and Dr Shama Mani) In this webinar, we will follow Mr B’s progress and discuss treatment escalation decisions

Registration link:

  1. Mr B’s Frailty Journey Part 3 of 4 – Rehab, 29thJuly at 12:30 (This webinar will be presented by Dr Cliff Lisk)

In this webinar, we find out more about Mr B’s progress and discuss rehabilitation

Registration link:

  1. Mr B’s Frailty Journey part 4 of 4 – Sliding Doors 31stJuly at 13:00 (This webinar will be presented by Dr Jo Brady and Dr Shama Mani)  In this webinar we will be discussing end of life care and issues during COVID-19

Registration link:

If you have any difficulty registering for a webinar, please contact


Interesting Articles

READ HERE  – Providers will work to vaccinate more than 30 million people during this flu season – millions more than received it last year, the Department of Health and Social Care has announced

READ HEREPatients less likely to choose GP as first port of call after Covid-19, survey finds


I do hope you get some “down time” this weekend.

Best wishes


Amita Shah

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