Nursing Newsletter 26 February 2021

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Hope the sun keeps shining over the weekend and that you get a chance for some relaxation.

Here is this week’s Edition

Home blood pressure monitors: patient discount

To support patients with long-term conditions to monitor their blood pressure at home, Kinetik Wellbeing is offering patients in NCL a discount on one of its blood- pressure monitor models. Read more on the GP website.

Opportunities to attend Video Group Clinic training in March 2021

Get your team up and running to deliver Video Group Clinics (VGCs). Read more on the GP intranet.

Clinical Supervision Sessions for Nurses, HCSWs

I am aware that we have not met up for our regular clinical supervision sessions due to the demands of covid-19 vaccinations.  Jacqui Hodgson has kindly agreed to facilitate the next session which will take place on 24 March at 1-2p.m.  Please use the same link Click here to join the meeting which should be in your diaries.  Jacqui will be offering these sessions to all nurses and HCSWs every other month until  July 2021.

ShinyMind App

Here is some information on the ShinyMind app for you to explore and see how it could help you.

NHS staff from all levels and different roles were unanimous in that they wanted to create a positive community on the App  so they felt connected could support each other and that they were in this together, so it has an all staff address book and a messaging function to send positivity posts, shout outs across the community which helps to improve morale and team work helping people to  feel connected in difficult times  -especially with home working and self-isolation and it is helping to keep teams together during the significant pressure we are facing at the moment.

The messaging function also has a social share function enabling people to share across WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram and Facebook enabling people to feel connected and not alone or isolated.

The resilience masterclass which is on the App shows that nurses who undertook the masterclass reported a 75% reduction in sickness absence rate in relation to stress and anxiety  – whereas a control group of nurses who didn’t take the masterclass saw their rate increase by 20% in the same time. It also has an SOS button which delivers help and support within 5 minutes, everything is backed by science and evidence so people know that their time on the app will help them.  Be part of the ShinyMind community

Patient Journey to Gold Standard Treatment –  event for you to organise at your practice/PCN Level

Everyone at UrgoMedical is in awe and appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you have shown during this time of crisis and we wanted to give a little back.  We are going to run a series of events, walking through the patients journey of healing together.  This event will have CPD modules, reflections leaflets (for revalidation) and most of all a fun online social event during this time of isolation.

What we need from you to help this event run smoothly: –

  1. Confirmation email of the dates you would like to attend on the attached sign up sheet.
  2. Place of work where we can leave the weekly “Lockdown Learning pack”.
  3. Any questions (these will be anonymous) you may have about the weekly subject so we can maximise learning.
  4. You have the beverage of your choice and snacks ready for the meeting and your comfiest chair so this is a nice relaxing enjoyable time.

This will be a safe space where we will share experiences and learn from each other

Covid vaccine and fertility concerns

This is the link to the video the Homerton Hospital  have provided to address some of the concerns regarding the vaccine and fertility. You might find it informative to address some of your patients vaccination hesitancy concerns.

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