Nursing Newsletter 3 July 2020

Dear All

One hundred plus days into the Pandemic!  How our working lives have changed!  Hope you are managing to carve out some time to look after yourselves whilst maintaining the services required for our population. It is vitally important to stay connected with each other and provide support and encouragement to keep up the morale of our colleagues.


It was lovely to see so many of you at this week’s clinical supervision group meeting.  We are now “gelling” as a group and we discussed the possibility of setting up PCN wide groups going forward so do please think about who would like to lead and facilitate these local groups and what training is needed.  Those of you who have attended in the past, please complete this short survey monkey questionnaire FEEDBACK ( should not take more than 5 mins) to enable me evaluate and continue to support you post COVID-19  embedded clinical supervision in your practise.  For the list of your PCN practices please visit the website


Volunteers needed with testing a Digital App for nursing – CARE Programme for nursing

I have a couple of nurses already interested and am looking for a few more nurses and HCSWs interested in this opportunity to help primary care nursing in NCL. I am asking for your help so that I connect nurses working in North Central London (NCL) to test a digital App called ShinyMind…some of you may already have heard of it! ShinyMind App was created by the NHS for the NHS to help build and sustain communities of practice, support wellbeing and encourage staff development. Nurses have been using it to connect with their teams to keep up morale during these challenging times.

Please reply to this email and I will add you to our list of names for the App’s licence. You will then receive an email from ShinyMind inviting you to join. I would like you to start using the App and  then we would ‘meet’ virtually (via MSTeams) two weeks later to hear your feedback. Please email with your name, and practice base by end of next week to be added to the list for licences


Pan Barnet meeting on Wednesday 8th July, 13.00 – 14.00 – remote consulting – Reminder

Topic: Sharing and Learning Together during Covid – Remote Consulting 

Audience: Clinicians undertaking remote consultation

To join this meeting please click on the Teams link:  Join Microsoft Teams Meeting


Guide from Capital Nurse  for GPs and PMs

Please see the attached Guide from Capital Nurse  for GPs and PMs that has been created from the work that included 81 GPNs in focus groups from 75 practices in London.   Capital Nurse commissioned Kathy Gilman to run focus groups of GPNs  looking at what helps and hinders the retention of experienced nurses. This  guide has been created for employers from the original piece of work that concluded in January 2020.  Thank you to those who participated and contributed to this piece of work.


Primary care immunisation update webinar series 2020 – a free training resource

Immunisers in primary care in London can access FREE immunisation update training across 2020. The series of webinars are designed to support immunisers to fulfil the requirement for annual immunisation updates and are free to access. The webinar series has been designed for 2020 incorporating 10 topics focused on the learning needs of immunisers in primary care. The webinars are held monthly, until December 2020 (excluding August). Immunisers are welcome to attend all webinars to achieve five hours of recorded learning in 2020 or to select webinars relevant to their practice/learning needs. To book a webinar please use the links on the flyer, which provides further information on each session via the booking link.


North Central London Covid-19 GP website

For the latest information on Covid-19, primary care staff are asked to regularly check the North Central London Covid-19 GP website. If you or a colleague would like to subscribe or submit content to the twice-weekly NCL GP newsletter, please email: . Launched to improve how we communicate the fast-changing and large amount of guidance and information being shared, we hope you find them helpful. Barnet’s GP intranet will continue to be updated with local information.


Nursing Times video on community infection control

The Nursing Times has produced a series of videos on infection control and coronavirus, featuring interviews with nurses on different aspects of the subject.  In their fourth video interview in the series, it talks about the issue of infection prevention in the community during the Covid-19 crisis with Clare Johnstone, head of infection prevention and medical devices at Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust.   You can watch the video here.

Please read and follow instructions for faulty PPE

GP practices told to dispose of face masks – faults found


Finally… remembering our dear colleague Kit Ong, I found the attached image particularly poignant, an amazing memorial to those who paid the ultimate price.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all their families and friends.


Best wishes


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