Nursing Newsletter 3rd September 2021

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Another busy week, another busy month … I have not known primary care this busy in all my career.  Practices are now gearing up to deliver the annual ‘flu programme, alongside the COVID-19 booster injection.  The JCVI is advising that people with severely weakened immune systems should have a third vaccine dose as part of their primary COVID-19 vaccination schedule. More information can be found on the .Gov website by following this LINK.  Also see attached letter from NHSE/I which has also be circulated to all practices.

All those administering the flu and booster vaccines must have up to date safeguarding and basic lifesaving training.  Please check the blue stream academy for online training for both these sessions.

Please see below the clarification from Helen Donovan on the question of adverse side effects between Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccine which was raised in the chat by one of the nurses.

Slides are available on the Barnet TH website.  Certificates are issued to those who attended only – if you attended the session and have not yet received your certificate please email Georgina at The recording from the session is no longer available.

The issue of adverse events following vaccination is quite complex. Obviously rare serious side effects only crop up after numerous doses of vaccines have been given and as has been seen over the last 8 months with the COVID-19 vaccines. One of the challenges is whether observed effects are as a result of the vaccine or coincidental. Whether the vaccine actually caused the effect can be much harder to determine. There is reported a greater risk and more evidence of an association between the AZ vaccine and thromboembolic events. That is not to say that events never happen with the other vaccines, they clearly do and have but the numbers are smaller so the cause and effect is harder to determine and would be impossible to say there was no risk. The causal effect of the AZ vaccine with thromboembolic effects is far clearer and this was discussed at the session.

 The issue with blood clots you are right has been observed with both the AZ and Pfizer vaccines and this article indicates the MHRA analysis of Yellow Card reporting on this. While still rare in comparison to the number of doses there are far more reports with the AZ vaccine however.

The information on the .GOV web site which I highlighted in the training also has this always say in training that there are no absolutes, there are always risks. As we have seen other risks such as myocarditis and pericarditis, GBS and capillary leak syndrome further information on these are also here   

In terms of messages to patients and the public what is clear is that these risks with COVID-19 disease are much greater.

 Updated PGDs for BCG, LAIV, Inactivated Influenza, HPV and DTAP IPV Hib Hep B

NHS England and NHS Improvement London Region has published an updated PGD on its website. This can be accessed at

The updated PGD is:

  • NHSE&I PHE BCG PGD v03.00
  • NHSE&I LAIV PGD v10.00
  • NHSE&I Inactivated Influenza PGD v09.00
  • NHSE&I HPV PGD v04.00
  • NHSE&I PHE DTAP IPV Hib Hep B PGD v03.00

Practices should ensure that any registered healthcare professional who is due to administer vaccinations under this PGD should be made aware of this updated version.

If you have any queries, please contact the London Immunisations team via

 Expressions of interest sought – NCL PCN Nurse Leads – Deadline Fri 1st Oct

This is an exciting opportunity for nurses looking to develop themselves and contributing at PCN level with their knowledge and skills.  Please see attached Expression of interest and have conversations with your practice and PCN Clinical Lead to put yourselves forward.  Support will be provided to nurses who take on the PCN Nurse Lead role by the CARE programme so please join the upcoming Launch event – Flyer attached.  Some of you have already had conversations with me, please complete the EoI and ensure you attend the Engagement Event for more information on the support available.

 QNI Applications Open for the NGS Elsie Wagg (Innovation) Scholarship – Garden and Health

Scholarships are available for FIVE nurses – in any community specialism – for projects that promote the health benefits of gardening and garden visiting among a group of people in the community.  All project leaders benefit from the QNI’s highly rated professional development programme and funding of up to £5000.  Please note, if shortlisted, the nurse leading the project will be invited for a virtual interview on dates given in the Guidance document.  The closing date for applications is 5pm on 29th October 2021. 
Please follow this link to download the guidance and application form
Successful applicants are asked to commit to three workshops. We will also offer you monthly support meetings. All dates available in the Guidance document.
Please make sure that your project adheres to your employer and the government’s guidelines regarding social distancing and personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project.

Student Stories

The NMC is looking for student nurses, nursing associates and practice assessors/supervisors to share their experiences of placements in General Practice. We are looking for stories, particularly around how general practice placements provide the opportunity for students to meet the new educations standards (introduced in 2018/19).

This is a great opportunity to promote a career in general practice and share learners’ experiences with a wide audience.

If you, or any of your students would like to share your story, please get in touch with Paula McLaren, Head of Education & Quality Assurance at the NMC

Pan Barnet Event – Fertility – Wednesday 8th September 2021

We are very happy to be joined by Dr Pratik Shah, our local consultant gynaecologist from Barnet Hospital, who will talk us through the clinical aspects of fertility and when to refer, and from Martin Emery, Senior Engagement Manager CCG, to discuss the new fertility policy being rolled out across NCL, in order to ensure we are all clear on suitable patients for referral and investigations required.

We will be joined by Dr Jo Brady from the North London Hospice palliative care team for a brief discussion on multidisciplinary end of life meetings, why they are important and what we can offer to support them happening. Dr Brady will also ask for feedback about what is needed to support practices.

Caitlin Bays from our local social prescribing team will also be joining us and will update regarding the service and support they can provide our patients.

You are encouraged to bring along any fertility cases or questions on the day to ensure your learning needs are met; you are welcome to submit queries ahead of time to  LINK for JOINING

World Sepsis Day

Date: 13th September 2021

Time: 08:40 – 15:50

World Sepsis Day 2021 has been organised by Division of Paediatric Critical Care, Child Health of King’s College Hospital, London. Please see the attached flyer for details of the event.

For details, please contact Dr Akash Deep, Lead for PICU at King’s at    []Joining Link.

 Volunteer Nurse Request  – 16th Sept engagement event

Barnet Primary Care Team are Looking for any Romanian/Eastern European nurses/midwifes that might be available for an engagement event Borough colleagues are hosting at the Romanian Food Bank (Burnt Oak) on 16th September 6-8pm.  It’s to offer signposting, discuss things like smoking cessation, access/how to register with GPs, vaccination and general health promotion.   It would be on a voluntary basis.    Anyone interested to contact my colleague Anca Coman as soon as possible.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, now that schools are back – keep safe!




Amita Shah

Nurse Development Lead

Email:  Phone: 0203 688 1805

For information on local educational opportunities please visit:​   

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