In 2016-17, Barnet CEPN delivered it’s first apprenticeship programme based over two sites.
The programme saw apprentices working in primary care and in a secondary care environment over administrative and health care support worker roles. As well as this we ran an apprenticeship programme in local care homes. This was designed in response to the NHS Five Year Forward View ambition to create a more collaborative workforce, with a view to supporting integrated out of hospital care.
It was recognised that the apprenticeships offered an innovative mode of entering training and employment within the NHS. In response to Health Education England’s “Talent for Care” and widening participation strategic framework motto ‘Get In, Go On, Get Further’, Barnet CEPN has continued to support apprentices and has recruited new apprentices in 2017/18.
The apprenticeship programme aims to help fill gaps in Barnet’s healthcare workforce by ensuring that existing apprentices recruited by Barnet CEPN are trained to a high standard and able to gain employment in Barnet NHS services following completion of the programme.  Apprentices can be based in administrative roles or in Health Care Support Worker roles.
Barnet CEPN worked in collaboration with Central London Community Hospitals (CLCH) and selected a new training provider (YMCA Training), after conducting a screening process.
Four apprentices were recruited to train and work in CLCH Hospitals (single site apprenticeship) over 12 months to complete level two Health Care Support apprenticeships.
Barnet CEPN advertised opportunities for apprenticeships for both new and existing staff members to all GP practices in Barnet through two roadshows hosted by YMCA Training and Barnet CEPN. Roles in business administration and healthcare support were offered depending on specific needs. Two apprentices were recruited in June 2017 and a third in November 2017 into business administration. There was no target number set but all practices were eligible to apply.

Please contact Sharon Ralph at  if you want any more information about apprenticeships.