Barnet Expert Patient Project

The Expert Patient Programme, developed by Stanford University in the USA, is coming to Barnet! It aims to make a difference to people with long-term illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease by teaching them to self-manage and monitor their own symptoms. It is designed to give patients more control and increase patient confidence and reduce health anxiety.
There is also evidence of benefits by reducing the use of medication, the amount of times the patient needs to go into hospital or use Accident and Emergency services.
Barnet Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) is working in partnership with Barnet Public Health who have sponsored the programme. The project is about to start recruiting patients in the North of the Borough initially, with long-term conditions, and will be recruiting throughout the year, to attend the 6-week training courses.
People can be referred by a health or community professional, or patients can refer themselves.  The project will build an Expert Patient network which is led by volunteers because as patients attend the training courses, they are then encouraged to also come forward to train as tutors, to teach future courses.
This is an exciting new project for the Barnet CEPN and Public Health. Feedback from those attending the course report a ‘light bulb’ moment as they learn to adopt a self-management approach and develop the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to manage their condition.
As the course is open to carers to attend with the person they care for, we will be working with the Barnet Carers Centre to promote the programme.
For further information please contact:
Fay Heatley, Barnet CEPN Project Manager,, M:07513 332839