General Practice Nurse Trainee Programme

The GP Nurse Trainee Programme aims to increase the number of general practice nurses who are at graduate or postgraduate level and ensure that there are enough nurses working in primary care that are able to fulfil the full range of roles in practice nursing.
Barnet CEPN are looking to ensure that that general practice nurses have the qualifications, skills and confidence they need to provide support and mentorship for the future generation of nurses and inspire them to become general practice nurses of the future.
Working in collaboration with the University of Hertforshire, 12 GPN Trainees joined the one year programme in January 2017.
They came from a variety of nursing backgrounds having either newly qualified or have practicing in acute and/or community settings.
The trainees spent two and a half days in general practice being supported with their learning by a qualified and experienced nurse mentor and the rest of the time at the University of Hertfordshire for the academic and clinical skills part of the programme.
The cohort also attended monthly action learning sets to support and complement the learning in placements and at University.
Many of the previous participants of the programme have continued to work in GP practices in Barnet once their year long programme had been completed.


If you would like to find out more about the GPN trainee programme please contact Amita Shah at