Innovative GP Programme

In line with Health Education England’s Mandate and the NHS Five Year Forward View, Barnet CEPN is seeking to recruit and retain general practitioners by offering them opportunities to develop their leadership and educational skills.

The CEPN’s ‘Innovative GP’ (iGP) programme aims to:

  • increase the confidence of relatively newly qualified GPs to undertake leadership roles
  • retain newly qualified GPs to work in Barnet

In 2017-18 Barnet CEPN recruited three relatively newly qualified GPs to undertake joint clinical and CEPN / leadership roles. In addition, ongoing leadership opportunities were offered to three GPs who took part in the programme in 2016/17. All of the GPs worked in local practices undertaking clinical sessions.
They also undertook one four-hour session per week for the CEPN, helping to run specific training programmes, attending meetings with partner organisations and facilitating collaborative learning sessions.

Working with relatively newly qualified GPs was beneficial for Barnet CEPN and practices as well as the GPs themselves:

  • Impacts for the system: there is a high retention rate (80%). Of the eight GPs who have been part of the programme since 2016, seven hold ongoing posts in Barnet practices and one is in post in a neighbouring area, closer to where they live.
  • Impacts for GPs: all six GPs participating in 2017/18 (three recruited to Barnet in 2017/18 and three recruited in 2016/17) reported an increase in knowledge about the roles available to them, an increased understanding of the range of partner organisations in primary care and an increase in leadership skills and confidence. Having a role with the CEPN was said to offer GPs variety and an opportunity to add to their skills.
  • Impacts for the CEPN: Barnet CEPN gained extra capacity which allowed more time to be spent providing good quality education and training programmes. Through their project work, participating GPs helped to facilitate collaborative working between organisations as well as training programmes for patients, carers and the health and care workforce.

The programme leaves a clear legacy of enthusiastic GPs recruited to work locally as well as the good quality educational work the GPs undertook whilst in post.

If you would like more information about this project please contact Dr Anita Patel