Medical Assistant Programme

The Medical Assistant programme is designed around the five year forward view ‘Releasing time to Care’ initiative.

The programme meets four of the ten High Impact Actions identified to enable this:

  • Develop the team
  • Productive workflows
  • Develop QI experience
  • Personal productivity

The main objective is to relieve GPs of some nonessential workload, whilst allowing non clinical staff to enhance their role, providing them a career pathway and helping them to feel a valued member of the practice team.

This was achieved by training the Medical Assistants to:

  • Critically read and code incoming documents for both patient medical record and QOF purposes.
  • To be responsible for onward referrals
  • Arranging further tests,
  • Coding vital information in relation to tests carried out in secondary care,
  • Awareness of safeguarding/vulnerability (i.e. A&E discharge letters) and communication/welfare checks with patients recently released from hospital
  • Carry out quality improvement projects to improve processes within practice.

The trainers, which were led by two GPs and a nurse were extremely impressed with the Medical Assistants portfolios reporting them ‘outstanding’. They reported that all learners and the GP mentors were engaged.   We are planning to continue with the programme.


For more information please contact Kyra Rowlatt, Programme Manager on and please see the attached report.