Recruitment and Retention Project

The Barnet recruitment and retention project began in January 2019. The aim of the project is to retain and recruit GP’s in Barnet and to help support GP’s going through transitions. 


These transitions included those who are newly starting out in their practice, or undertaking multiple different roles in their practice; GPs leaving practice and GP who want to develop in leadership roles in their practice and throughout the borough. We aim to try and create a positive impact on GPs at different stages of their carer. 


The project runs a monthly peer support group. This group is mainly aimed at newly qualified GP’s who miss the support they had been getting whilst training, as well as locum GPs and out of hours GPs who perhaps do not get as much support from their colleagues on a day to day basis due to the nature of their jobs. We have been meeting regularly every month since January. There is a social aspect and we spend about an hour discussing anything work related that people would like to raise. This could be a clinical case, something to do with their work life balance or anything that they would like to speak about. It is a confidential group, and we currently have a facilitator who is a retired GP.  We hope that this group will continue in next year as it has proved helpful for the participants by providing a supportive space. 


We are also currently running a leadership course for GPs. This year’s cohort are a mix of GPS at the start of their careers and mid-career GPs. This course if for GPs taking up specific leadership roles in the borough. In the future the course may be available to other GPs who are considering leadership roles. The course involves 6 sessions of one to one coaching followed by a four day course that participants will have to attend. We hope that this will provide GPs with skills that they can use in their future roles and will benefit in the future.


For more information please see the attached Project report or contact Project lead Tammy Nisner