Social Prescribing Link Workers in Barnet

Social Prescribing in Barnet: 

The social prescribing service provide support and information to patients who have social or economic issues that affect their health and wellbeing. 

Social Prescribers take a holistic approach and give time to their patients to identify what matters most to them and what they feel they need to improve their circumstance and their wellbeing. 

From these conversations, social prescribers co-create an action plan with the patient to help them self-manage their concerns and signpost to appropriate services. 

Service Information: 

The service is delivered and managed by Age UK Barnet. 

There are 18 SPLW’s across the Barnet Borough working across the GP practices in Barnet.  

Since the service began in November 2019, we have had over 6000 referrals.   

Benefits of referring to Social Prescribing?  

  1. Reduced GP Attendance for non-medical related issues.  
  2. Improves quality of life, reduces loneliness and improves physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.   
  3. Patients feel listened to and gain more confidence in self-management.   
  4. Increases connection to the community. 

See the flyer attached for more information on the services and eligibility criteria. 

Social Prescribing Support and Training 

The SPLWs are part of the Primary care team focussed on communication, support and collaboration in their PCNs and across the borough to ensure Patient Safety and Care is paramount. 

Age UK Barnet offer regular service training and peer support sessions for the SPLW team members to attend. The peer support sessions are in place to discuss complex cases with clinical supervision and these occur twice per month.  

Our SPLWs are invited to participate in and attend wider training events including the monthly Pan Barnet Learning events that focus on new pathways and NCL policies, building wider networks to create a solid caring community for our teams and patients. 

For information on how to refer patients – take a look at the quick guide attached and service eligibly. 

Please contact Caitlin Bays (Social Prescribing Manager) for more information: