Undergraduate Medical Student Programme

History & Background

Barnet has had a strong reputation for teaching and training of medical students and GPs.   Working in collaboration with HEE, UCLMS, Royal Free Hospital Trust specifically Barnet Hospital we have developed our Medical student Programme.

These programmes have been created with the aim of delivering community based teaching to UCL Year 4 & Year 6 Medical Students as part of their core curriculum.  The aim is to expose students to elements of primary care practice that have limited coverage in lecture or hospital based teaching.  The programmes broaden the existing Near Peer Teaching by GP trainees of Y4 medical students and traditional general practice placements in Barnet practices.

The overarching aims of these workshops are to:

  • Highlight the role of primary care and its multiprofessional approach to patient care and the complexity of care delivered in the community
  • Enhance students’ perceptions of GP as a final career choice.
  • Increase medical students’ understanding of the roles of primary care and community health professionals and the contribution they make to patient care by exposing them to teaching from allied professional groups

Near Peer Teaching

Traditional GP Medical Student Placements

Year 4 Community Case Based Scenario Workshops & Patient as Educators Programme  

 The Barnet Training Hub has worked with University College, London (UCL) Medical School Department of General Practice in conjunction with Health Education England (HEE) to design and deliver case based interactive teaching which introduce Y4 students to the breadth and variety of common clinical scenarios encountered in general practice and the community setting.  Themes encountered include red flags for common presentations, risk management, patient engagement, signposting and patient safety in an immersive environment.  

 The focus has been on multidisciplinary aspects of teaching in a community setting, we have developed a novel approach by engaging and training a volunteer group of “Patients as Educators” who have been supporting the programme since 2019 to help role play scenarios yet give a realistic feel to the sessions for students in a replicable environment to enable all 400 students to experience the teaching in a series of workshops throughout the academic year. 

 This workshop, facilitators and patient educators have adapted the programme to an online format.  

 In summary our aims and objectives of the Year 4 programme are to:  

  • Deliver effective and relevant community orientated healthcare teaching to future health care professionals.  
  • Increasing the exposure of medical students to clinical scenarios and the skills required to fulfill the requirements of their undergraduate training in an emersive, interactive community based environment.  
  • Embed and promote closer working between the Barnet Primary Care Training hub and its educational partners, HEE and UCL and neighbouring Training Hubs.  
  • Align teaching with the aims and objectives of the GMC Outcomes for Graduates 2018. 
  • Increase medical students’ understanding of the roles of other health professionals and the contribution they make to patient care by exposing them to scenarios commonly encountered in the general practice.  Improve understanding of the patient journey and the management of patients in the context of primary care services, resources and population health.  

The programme was presented at the RCGP Conference 2020  (Dr Joanna Yong , Dr Rosalyn Hallewell on behalf of Barnet Training Hub, HEE, UCLMS collaboration) as a poster Barnet patient educators – portrait poster

UCL Y6 Long Term Condition Workshops:- Fraility, Multimobidity, Complexity & Polypharmacy

In 2017, Barnet Training Hub was tasked with the development and delivery of a series of six workshops to the 2018/19 cohort of UCL 6th year medical students on the topic of Multimorbidity, Complexity and Polypharmacy in Long Term Conditions.  We have continued these programmes and our Y6 sessions have just started for 2021.

For more information please see the attached report – Learning from Partnerships or contact

Dr Joanna Yong

 Joanna Yong  

 GP, Faculty of Educators Barnet Training Hub 

Medical Student Programme Lead