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Barnet GP Speciality Training Programme


The Barnet GP Speciality Training Scheme is a long established and popular scheme in North London. We have a learner-centred and forward thinking approach to training. Our aim is to produce confident GPs who are stimulated by the day-to-day challenges of modern-day general practice, as well as promoting reflective development and self-understanding.

We are passionate about education and encourage life-long learning and commitment to good patient care. We foster a nurturing environment to enable development as rounded, holistic practitioners.

There is also a strong emphasis on mutual support, drawing upon the wide-ranging experience of all members, bringing with it a close-knit and sociable community of future GPs. The scheme also promotes development in future leadership and in educational roles through various schemes such as medical school teaching.

We have a variety of experienced training practices throughout North London which are well led by respected trainers. The variety of practices provides our registrars with the ideal multicultural population base to understand and experience challenging holistic medicine.

We have a half-day release programme every Thursday afternoon in term-time at Barnet Hospital Education Centre. This provides a forum for our training GPs to identify and meet their learning needs, covering a wide range of topics encountered in modern day General Practice.



The Barnet GP Speciality Training Scheme offers a variety of 3-year programmes constructed from three of the following 6-month hospital posts (plus a six-month ST1/2 and one-year ST3 placement in GP training practices):

A & E / Orthopaedics

Care of the Elderly Medicine/General medicine

Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Palliative medicine (North London Hospice)

Psychiatry (mainly based with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust but also posts at Northwick Park and with Camden and Islington MHT)

General surgery/ENT

Rehabilitation medicine at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

One of the 6-month GP posts is a Medical Education Integrated Training Post (ITP) which involves working in primary care but with 4 sessions devoted to education (primarily medical student teaching).



Main Hospital Location:

Barnet Hospital
Wellhouse Lane, Barnet
Hertfordshire EN5 3DJ


Most posts are based at Barnet Hospital although there are some based at other sites as noted above.


Multiple training practices throughout the Barnet area are utilised. Out of hours sessions can be organised through Barndoc Healthcare. These include triage services, consulting at a base in Finchley Memorial Hospital and home visiting.


Educational activities


The half-day release sessions are held every Thursday afternoon in term-time. A sandwich lunch is provided. This is followed by a presentation/interactive discussion which can be a mixture of clinical and non-clinical subjects. The afternoon may be led by GPs, GP trainees or by hospital doctors. As would be expected, the emphasis is primary care driven.


Following a break for tea, small group discussions take place facilitated by the Training Programme Directors (TPDs) covering clinical cases or situations which may have been difficult or challenging. The patient case discussion help understand encounters which cause uncertainty, difficulty or unexpected emotions.  There is an emphasis on promoting self- development and reflection within a safe learning environment.


We have an annual residential two-day course, which allows trainees to study a topic in depth that is relevant to General Practice. The programme encourages interaction and the development of team bonding and is usually led by a group of trainees.



There is a strong local network of trainers on the scheme who are very encouraging and supportive for all trainees. As noted above there is also the ITP (integrated training post) in education on the scheme which allows further experience in medical education and ST3s are encouraged to teach a cohort of medical students.  Some of our posts are split 3months:3months in order to increase the exposure to as many specialities as possible.  There are “learning together clinics” in which paediatric senior trainees join ST3s to run paediatric clinics in primary care.  The scheme runs a Care Homes project which provides an opportunity to participate in primary care led MDT working in a care home, working with trainees from geriatrics and psycho-geriatrics as well as a pharmacist and care home staff.


The Christmas party is a well-attended social event with various activities such as guided tours of historical medical sites and museums, and a meal together. The annual graduation dinner is also another opportunity for combining work and social activity. There is also a scheme newsletter called The Murmur which contains useful clinical content, job specific information, favourite recipes, restaurant reviews, AKT MCQs, history of medicine and biographies of trainees on the scheme.


Trainee testimonials/quotes from trainees

I would highly recommend the Barnet VTS scheme. I have been welcomed into a friendly and supportive scheme which is well structured and facilitates my training to become an independent practitioner. The support from peers and trainers is truly outstanding. Barnet offers a variety of rotations of 6 months duration which are essential components in becoming a well-rounded general practitioner.

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Programme Directors:

Dr Allan Daitz  


Dr Gill Parsons 


Dr Anita Patel   


Dr Mike Wyndham



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Dr Caroline Hoffbrand -

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