Barnet Training Hub Presents: The Fundamentals of Managing Diabetes in Primary Care: Diabetes Learning Series

Barnet Primary Care Hub are delighted bring you a virtual education programme for specialists working in diabetes.

In this learning series, we will get an in-depth view of how to effectively manage diabetes in primary care, helping you upskill your clinical knowledge in advance of the new QOF year. The sessions will start from the fundamental principles all the way to effective pharmacotherapy and life-style changes, with a practical hands-on approach.

The sessions will be presented by Arshna Sanghrajka, a Diabetes Clinical Pharmacist who has been delivering diabetes care for several years in both primary and secondary care across Barnet.

  1. 23 Feb The basics of glycaemic control and Diabetes incl. pathophysiology, diagnosis of DM  -  access the recording here
  2. 24 Feb Management of T2DM - glycaemic targets, guidelines, lifestyle changes - access the recording here
  3. 2nd March Treatment options with oral and injectables and main modes of action of the drug classes - access the recording here
  4. 3rd March Pharmacotherapy - When to use what class of drug and clinical considerations - individualising treatment - access the recording here
  5. 9th march  Co-morbidities of T2DM and their impact on the patient - access the recording here
  6. 10th March case studies and tying it all together - access the recording here