Advance Care Planning - Dr Natalie Zhang

Recordings of the events are on our Youtube channel – simply click on the link to access the recordings.

Presentation 1

  • Foundations of ACP
  • What is ACP?
  • What are the benefits of ACP?
  • What are the barriers?
  • Recognising which patients would benefit from ACP
  • The process of starting the ACP conversation
  • How might that work in my GP practice?

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Presentation 2

  • ACP Journey
  • Compassionate Conversations
  • Resources
  • Making a case of PN led ACP at your GP practice
  • Local champions
  • Robyn – Frailty Sister, PCN 2 Barnet
  • Sheba – PN at PHGH, Temple Fortune

Slides link

Thank you to Dr Sarah Shelley, Dr Jo Brady, Dr Isky Gordon for joining today and supporting this work