GPN resources

GPN resources

Voluntary Standards for New GPNs
The Queen’s Nursing Institute has published new voluntary standards of education and practice for nurses who are embarking on a career in general practice nursing. The new standards provide an overview of expected best practice, standards and guidance for nurses at the beginning of the general practice nursing career pathway.


Series of podcasts to promote the role of GPNs

‘The power of practice nursing’ podcast series has been developed with local General Practice Nurses in collaboration with Health Education England, the Healthy London Partnership and NHSE/I. They look at the unique input GPNs bring, share nurses’ experiences, illustrate the strength they bring to primary care, and address some of the challenges in the capital. The podcasts can be accessed using the links below and are part of an ongoing series, so you are encouraged to subscribe.

Listen to live Podcast on SoundCloud here

on Spotify here

Further information can also be found on the live webpage here