New Reporting Vaccine Incident Guidance

PHE guidance in relation to vaccine errors:

PHE immunisation resources link

Email address for the NHSE/I immunisation team to report incidents:

Relevant documents

Area Weblink
Immunisation schedule Immunisation schedule
Vaccination of individuals with incomplete or uncertain status
Green Book
Vaccine update
PHE protocol for ordering, storing and handling vaccines
Revised recommendations for the administration of more than one live vaccine
If given live vaccine  in pregnancy


What to do is issues are identified during CQC visit
Information for health professionals (PHE) Information for health care professionals – under some of the different individual vaccines information on PHE website
Travel Health Pro was NaTHNac

Travel vaccine advice etc,

or use the Advice Line for health professionals (0845 602 6712).

HPA Vaccine Incident Guidance

Table 1 in the guidance
WHO temperature stability of vaccine guidance
PATH Summary of stability data for licensed vaccines