Respiratory updates - Use of peak flow, Inhaler technique questions (7 steps), SMRs

Maximising the use of Peak Flow monitors: 

I know many of you I’ve been speaking to are relying more on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) readings to help with providing objective readings in people with suspected/diagnosed asthma or COPD. Also, for monitoring purposes in asthma alongside a personalised asthma action plan (PAAP). You may find this presentation useful (by Dr Vince Mak integrated respiratory consultant) and article by Dr Duncan Keeley (attached) – both Primary Care Respiratory Society Executive Committee members. 

  Other useful links (for supporting patients) (remember to identify what the persons personal best PEFR and compare with their normal where info is available on records) 

  7 Steps to good inhaler technique:

Exploring questions (by Darush & BLF/AUK) that can be used to identify potential inhaler technique errors 

  Structured Medication Reviews (SMR):

Some useful slides presented by a Clinical Director in NW London exploring respiratory components of an SMR