University of Hertfordshire: Financial Support for Students on Placement

Financial support for students was on the agenda at March’s Practice Placements Forum. We recognise that the cost of attending placement can very often be a big challenge to our students and, as such, we have created a series of documents to help.

Financial Support for School of Health and Social Work Students is an overview of all of the support available to students and was sent to students at the Start of Term. One of the elements is the Student Bridging Fund which provides students with a loan to help them pay for expenses up front before being reimbursed by the NHS Business Services Authority.

PPE (Practice Placement Expenses) is available to NHS Bursary students starting their course before 1 August 2017, i.e. Year 3 students. TDAE (Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses) is available to Student Loans Company funded students starting their course on or after 1 August 2017, i.e. Years 1 and 2 students. There is certain eligibility criteria that students must meet and a number of processes to follow, all of which are explained in the guidance. This was sent to students at the start of the year.

We appreciate that students struggle with the cost of travelling to/from placement and we are identifying ways of providing suitable support. For instance, we are in the process of reviewing and updating the Student Bridging Fund as it is used for temporary accommodation and perhaps underutilised for smaller expenses. I will be able to provide updates of this at future Practice Placements Forums. In the meantime, and as ever, if you are able to support in any way possible, e.g. being lenient with shift start times to accommodate public transport, it is much appreciated.