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Sent behalf of Brian, Senior Pubic Health Analyst, London Borough of Barnet & Barnet Federated GPs


Dear All,

SUGAR SMART is a campaign which aims to tackle the over-consumption of sugar strategically, working with businesses and other organisations to alter the obesogenic environment we live in at the local level. The campaign asks participating organisations to choose the action that is best suited to them from a menu of options. This includes things such as promoting free drinking water, improving vending machine options, adding a voluntary levy of sugary drinks, school assemblies on sugar or sugar reduction challenges.

Barnet formally launched a local SUGAR SMART campaign in January 2020. Businesses and individuals and encouraged to sign up to the SUGAR SMART newsletter and to submit their pledges online at:

By signing up to the online platform you will also have access to more than 100 resources to help you deliver your SUGAR SMART actions, including posters, lesson plans, presentations, stickers, fact sheets and guidance. In addition, Barnet council will be offering support and coordination throughout the campaign. We will be promoting any organisation that participates on our website and via social media channels once that campaign has launched. Any questions can be directed to


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