Trainee Nurse Associate (TNA) programme

Applications are open to all staff interested in joining the Trainee Nurse Associate (TNA) programme across Primary and Social Care. Deadline for applications is 15th July 2019. 

The Nursing Associate is a highly trained support role to deliver effective, safe and responsive nursing care in and across a wide range of health and care settings. Nursing Associates work independently, and with others, under the leadership and direction of a Registered Nurse within ​defined parameters, to deliver care in line with an agreed plan. Nursing Associates will have a breadth of knowledge and a flexible, portable skill set to serve local health populations, in a range of settings covering pre-life to end of life.

During the apprenticeship programme, the apprentice will undertake a regulated level 5 qualification such as a Foundation Degree or Level 5 Diploma of Higher Education delivered by an institution approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council to provide pre-registration nursing education .  Please see this link to see what the NMC Standards of proficiency are for Nurse Associates

This is a great opportunity to upskill members of staff such as HCSWs who are looking to take on a role with more responsibility and once qualified, the nurse associate will be able to take on many of the tasks of your practice nurses, allowing practice nurses to spend more time on management of long term conditions.

Following qualification and successful registration on the NMC register, nurse associates will be eligible to undertake further training in immunisations and cytology​.


The course will last for two years and is comprised of academic learning at Middlesex University in Hendon, as well as clinical placements in their employing organisation and also away from their employing organisation in various settings. These placements will be delivered on a ‘hub’ and ‘spoke’ model.

Hub placements are at the employing organisation and are two six-week blocks each year. The spoke placements will be in a range of settings including: health/care at home, close to home and in hospital and will be four two-week spoke placements in year 1 and five in year 2.

During training there will be non specified weeks in which the TNA will remain working in their current role in the practice.  Please see the fact sheet for the full breakdown of when trainees will be based in their surgeries.


The cost of the  training programme is £15k  and will be fully covered by  the apprenticeship levy. Therefore the practice will not incur  any of the training costs.

HEE have confirmed that the total national support package for TNAs for 2019/2020 who start their programme before 31st December 2019 will be £7,200. This is inclusive of £1,600 per TNA per year (£3,200 in total over a 2 year period) and £4,000 towards workforce development/upskilling up front per TNA.

Functional Skills

It is recommended that the potential TNA is capable of demonstrating a high level of English and Maths (usually level 2 functional skills or the equivalent) in order to complete a level 5 apprenticeship.

Although the potential TNA does not need to have English and Maths to apply for the TNA programme with Middlesex University, they still will need to ensure they pass their initial testing as part of the recruitment process. Taking the learning from previous cohorts, there are a number of staff from Primary and Social care not passing the initial testing in English and Maths therefore do not join a cohort. For these staff in particular we are offering fully funded functional skills courses delivered by CCCT based at Regent Park Centre in NW1 through either 8 or 12 week programmes

The college hold initial assessments every Friday afternoon where the learner will be assessed in both subjects and, once identified which level they are working towards, the college will support them in ensuring they enrol onto a suitable level programme.

They will then continue to liaise with me/leads in relation to progress so we can then support these learners in applying for a future TNA cohort (hopefully we can get some on the October and December cohorts if we get students enrolled from now).

To book on an initial assessment,  please ask staff to complete the attached form, selecting which date they would prefer to attend:

Additionally, Barnet and Southgate College can deliver fully funded Functional skills courses running from September 2019 to June 2020. They currently do not have a programme outline/timetable dates but they also offer varied classes from morning sessions, afternoon and evening. They are accepting enrolments onto the programme from now through their website. This may not run timely against the October/December TNA cohorts but its an option for those who would like to join a TNA course in the future.

If you have any further queries please do contact Sharon Ralph at

Please see the attached leaflet with further information ab​out the TNA role and programme. I have also attached FAQs for the programme.

If you have a member of staff interested in becoming a Nursing Associate, please forward your details to Sharon Ralph at Barnet Primary Care Training Hub. at .   If you are an HCSW who is interested please speak to your Practice Manager about it and ask them to contact Sharon Ralph.

Middlesex University are currently accepting staff to join an October cohort, deadline to apply is 15th July.  We are also collecting all interest for December cohorts.​

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